eTA Canada Visa Information

If you wish to travel to Canada, then you will need an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). However, this only applies if you are traveling by air. If your form of travel is either by land or sea, then eTA Canada authorisation will not be required. Please note that travellers who do not need the eTA, will be required to have a proper identification. If you are applying for eTA Canada you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email usually is sent within minutes, however please note that some applications may take longer to process.

If this is the case then you should receive an email within 72 hours. The confirmation email will give you guidance about what you need to do next. Filling in form for eTA Canada only takes a few minutes.

eTA Canada For Green Card Holders

If you are a lawful permanent resident of the United States with a valid alien registration card (Green Card) you are eligible to apply for eTA Canada. Please click this link Application Form For Green Card Holders to use the separate application form.

What Happens If I Change My E-mail Address ?

If you happen to create a new email address once you have already applied for the eTA Canada, then all you need to do is update your new information. This can be easily done via our update form, which is sent to our customers in confirmation email.

What To Do Once You Have Received Your eTA

Applicants will be provided with an email stating whether they have been approved or not. Applicants will be required to bring and show the passport that you have used in your application at the airport when you board.

Once your application for eTA Canada has been approved, you are authorised to stay in Canada for 6 months. However, sometimes this may change as, the border services officer may decide on the amount of period an applicant is authorised to stay. Please note that if you wish to increase the time of your stay, you are able to do this however you will be required to apply for an extended stay option. From the point that your eTA Canada is authorised, it lasts for 5 years. However, if you passport expires before the 5 years period, then your eTA will also expire at the same time as your passport date.

Although the authorised eTA will allow you to travel to Canada, please note that once you arrive you will be required to show your passport and any other relevant traveling documentation to the border service officer. Be prepared to answer some questions as they are the ones who decide whether you are able to enter Canada or not. However, there has only been very few cases where an applicant with an approved eTA was rejected from entering Canada.

Arriving In Canada

Please be prepared to be greeted by the border service officer. The officer has the duty to ask you to provide your passport and other documents that you have travelled with so therefore, it is crucial that you take them with you at hand, not packed away as this will make the process shorter. People traveling to Canada who are not required an eTA will also be faced with a few questions that they will need to answer. Please make sure that information that you have provided is true as you will be denied entry if your information is incorrect. The border officer also needs to believe that you intend to leave Canada when your approved stay period comes to an end.

People Travelling To Canada Who Are Under 18

If you are under 18 years old, the same requirements apply at the Canadian border. The border officer will provide you with information regarding how long you can stay in Canada. This period is usually 6 months however, this depends on the purpose of your travel. It is important that everyone traveling to Canada reads the terms and conditions stated on their eTA. If they disobey the stated conditions, you will be asked to leave the country.

eTA Canada Service Information

Our company works hard to ensure that we provide the best service for our customers. Our company is based in the UK and we have the duty to make sure that our applicants find our service convenient and hassle free. Our company processes all eTA Canada applications. Once your application has been completed, we send out an email which will state whether your eTA has been approved. Please note that if your eTA Canada has been successfully approved, the validity lasts for 5 years or until your passport expiration date (whichever comes first).

Our staff is experienced and we make sure that we provide the best guidance for applicants. We answer any queries and help our applicants which any issues that they may face regarding the application. The applicant needs to provide us with their information, such as address, place of birth, name, passport number etc. All the required details are listed on the application form. Furthermore, our team has provided instructions which make the application process easy.

Applicants who are still unsure on something they are able to email our team. We aim to respond back to emails within an hour. The eTA Canada website is a secure website using SSL with 2048 bit key and 256 bit encryption. It protects applicants from frauds. We have the duty to keep all your private and confidential information safe and secure.

An eTA Canada costs £57. This price includes the additional fee of $7 for the Citizenship and Immigration Canada office (CIC) as well as the £1 sea transaction fee. Our website accepts PayPal payments as we believe that this is the most secure way to carry out transactions online. We do not store any credit/debit card information.